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5 Ways You Can Support Veterans In Your Community

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Most people have experienced at least one person in their areas who have fought overseas or at home in the last decade or so.

And, if you are like most individuals, you will regard veterans as the bravest of the brave but may be aware of the issues that they face when they return home. Not only do veterans suffer from a higher incidence of mental health issues, but they are also more likely to be diagnosed with physical issues, which can impact their ability to work.

So, what can you do to support them? This article describes five simple ways to show appreciation for veterans in your community.

  1. Volunteer Your Time

Many organizations that support veterans rely on volunteers to provide services and assistance. Consider reaching out to a local veterans’ organization to see how you can help. This can be from helping veterans who attend community meet-ups to volunteering on a helpline in your spare time. For more information on volunteering to help veterans, head to the American Red Cross website.

  1. Make a Donation

Financial donations can help veterans’ organizations provide much-needed resources and support. Different organizations offer different support, which ranges from providing veterans with health insurance, legal advice, housing, and even therapy. So, choose a charity that you feel aligns best with your values and consider donating either monthly or as a one-off.

Many veteran charities can also provide donors with magazines that can help raise money and items made by those the charity is supporting. By buying these items, you are, in essence, donating to help the charity, so try to do this whenever you can.

  1. Hire Veterans

Of course, this only applies if you run a business or can offer a job to this group. Veterans bring many valuable skills and experience to any workplace, such as superior communication, thinking, and time management skills. One of the best ways you can help them is to assist in their reintegration into regular society. So, consider hiring veterans in your business or encouraging your employer to do so.

  1. Support Veteran-Owned Businesses

In the US, many businesses operate online or in malls that are run by those who have been deployed overseas. Interestingly, many shops and businesses donate part of their profits to support veteran charities. So why not start shopping at and supporting veteran-owned businesses? This is a great way to show your support and thanks to the veteran community in your local area.

  1. Show Appreciation

A simple gesture such as thanking a veteran for their service can go a long way. Consider thanking veterans you encounter or participating in events that honor their service. Please be aware that in some cases, this can be received inappropriately, especially by veterans who may be having a bad day with their PTSD or other mental health issues. So, show thanks, and don’t get offended if you do not receive the reply you were hoping for.

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