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Here’s How You Can Set Up Math Games In Classroom With 99math

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Firstly, knowing what a 99-math game is is very significant, so, let me tell you that a 99-math game is nothing but a game that is particularly designed for mathematics instructors so that they can level up their lesson time and very easily accelerate the results of Grades 1 to 12 students that too for free. Don’t worry it will only take a minute to set up a game and children can easily play it on any browser if they have a proper internet connection. 

How Can a Teacher Set Up a 99math Game? 

As we are talking about teachers, they need to make an account of the particular platform 99math and also need to have their dashboard which presents all the information. After some time, one can easily sign up and then make numerous games for the students to learn. 

Teachers also need to choose a game mode between individuals and then practice live games. They are always very beneficial for players who love practicing at their own pace and we all know that learning slowly or rapidly can always choose individual practice mode to play as a solo player. 

Games can also very easily be shared through any social media account and after the game is joined by everyone, click on the start button to enjoy and learn. If your option is correct, it will gain you points and their total collective points make up the results while incorrect answers always have feedback on how to solve that particular math correctly. 

Features of 99math 

By this section, it must be clearly understood that 99-math is something that offers a wide range of tools and features. Many free mattified gaming features help students and teachers in learning. 

The first feature we have for 99-math is live multiplayer competitive math games for the classroom to foster communication, massive pressure on peers, and also learning in a very communal environment. 

Personalized practice for self-directed learners is another feature where students who feel overwhelmed by peer pressure in live gaming can do personalized practice for learning. Apart from these two features, gamified tools for proper engagement can involve game-like elements just to make the learning process amusing for the students. 

Best 99math Alternatives 

It is very important to know that many alternatives like apps or websites can also aid students in engaging their mathematical skills. Some 99-math alternatives are Khan Academy, IXL, Sumdog, Math Playground, Cool Math games, and many more.

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