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Paymanager: Salary Slip, paymanagerddo.rajasthan.gov.in

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The system used to prepare pay bills for employees of the Rajasthan State Government is called Rajasthan PayManager. The state government employees will be able to prepare their monthly pay bills and income tax statements with the aid of this Paymanager portal. You can create salary bills, DA arrear, Bonus bills, leave encashment, retirement bills, FVC bills, surrender bills, and other bills in addition to pay manager DDO login. Check out more information about Rajasthan Paymanager if you work for the Rajasthan State Government.

 Rajasthan’s digitalization project is accelerating because the state already has the Raj SSO site, which provides a range of services, and the Raj Jan soon portal, which will be available to all Rajasthanis.

Services Offered by Paymanager Rajasthan

Employees of Rajasthan State government can access a variety of services through the Rajasthan Paymanager portal, including: –

 1.  Monthly Pay Slip

 2.  Updated service information 

3.   Update bank account 

4.   Add a digital signature 

5.   Month-by-month play slip 

6.   Request for employee transfer

PayManager Portal Registration

Every employee must have registered for PayManager login using their basic information from their employment records. Here is the way to register and create your unique username or password.

· Visit the portal at  paymanager.raj.nic.in.

· Under the Login option, choose Bank Registration. 

· Your information should match the employee records that the DDO officer has received. 

· If you are an employee, choose Bank and then provide the bank code.

· Click on Check Availability after choosing a username to make sure it is distinct. 

· Give your home address, email, and mobile number for contact purposes.

· Create a password by entering it twice, and then confirm it by clicking.

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